What does it mean when you have your dog microchipped?

Having your pet microchipped involves this lovely little needle with the microchip in it. We put it underneath their skin so that if your dog were ever to get lost or get out of your house, somebody would be able to take them to a shelter anywhere, scan them, and get your information so that you can get your dog back.

Madeline Decker
Hebron Animal Hospital

Can microchips be used to track my dog?

HomeAgain doesn't have anything that works like a GPS tracker in the microchip. The way that it works is if your dog were to get out and somebody finds them on the road, they could take them to a shelter, a veterinary clinic, or a rescue, and they would have a scanner they use to scan the microchip. They'd get your microchip number, and then they could look that up to get your information.

Who can scan my dog's microchip information?

Veterinary clinics, rescues, and shelters are the three that would have access to a scanner to scan your pet's microchip.

What other benefits do the microchips have for my pet?

We just got these new microchips in. They have a temperature scanner on the chip itself, so while the chip is in your pet, we can just scan your pet. Not only does it come up with their microchip number, but it also comes up with their temperature so that we don't have to do a rectal temperature, which most of them aren't a fan of.

What does the recovery process look like in the event that my dog gets lost?

In the event that your pet's lost and somebody takes them to a shelter or clinic, and they get the microchip number from your pet, they can look that up. From the HomeAgain website, they can get your information and your phone number so that way, we can contact you and let you know that we have your pet and where your pet's located.

Why do veterinarians recommend getting my dog microchipped?

We always recommend any dog gets microchipped, even if they're a homebody and they like to sit by you on the couch. You never know; anything can happen, such as storms and natural disasters. Your pet can get out during any of those situations, and it's just an extra peace of mind knowing that if they were to get out, they could come back to you.

What happens if I lose my pet's microchip information?

You can always contact the HomeAgain microchip company or wherever you got your microchip placed, whether at the shelter or a veterinary clinic. You can contact them, and they will have a copy of your pet's number.

Are there any other smart products that can connect to my dog's microchip?

Yes. We actually have the Sure Petcare products that just came out and are now available. They have pet feeders, doggy doors, and water bowls, all of that is accessed to the microchip. You can set how much your dog or cat can eat when they can and can't go outside, and all of that's based on their microchip.

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