Reba: I wrote this while you were still alive, that way I could hug you while I cried.

Oh Reba, where do I begin?

I was not even looking for another dog, but let’s face it that’s how I accumulated all of my animals except Stryker  I had a dream to foster more dogs when we bought our current home, and then GiGi showed up on my Facebook timeline. It was supposed to be just a foster situation, but we all know how that went  I always told Hunter that I wanted to fospice dogs when we could, and then Reba showed up on my Facebook timeline. 

How does a dog make such a big impact in such a short time? No one can say “oh don’t get attached” to a dog that you know is terminally ill. In a way, I think you get attached more because you know that you have to make these last moments count! Reba loved camping so much, but the walks were harder on her. That’s okay because it’s not about us on these trips, it’s about her  What a terrible life Reba had before Silver Snouts Rescue found her, and I try to make it where no dog or cat remembers the life before we adopted them. 

I think the hardest part of this whole thing is now when I say “Reba do you want to go to work?” you won’t be there. Of course I’ll miss your funny bark, your innocent paw when you want food or attention, the way you get a little burst of energy; but I’ll really miss our car rides to and from work jamming to all of the music. Letting me sing my heart out to you or letting me listen to books Even though I knew we would have a short time with you, I was still not prepared.

Reba was so loved by so many people, especially my coworkers. I know they’re hurting just as much as I am. Thank you for loving Reba like one of your own.

I truly believe in the power of social media because if it wasn’t for Facebook I would have never found Reba, GiGi, or Ezmeralda. I also would have never found the awesome adopted parents of other dogs and cats that I either fostered or helped rehome. We always want to talk about how trashed social media is, but just like anything else if we use it for good it can be so powerful and so helpful.

RIP Reba, you were one of the best pitties and your spirit will live on with us forever. I’ll see you later at the rainbow bridge. Please look over me and your dad, we are missing you so much baby girl.

Thank you Silver Snout Senior Dog Rescue for allowing us to foster Miss Reba. You guys do amazing work.

In honor of Reba, if anyone would like to make just a $5 donation to Silver Snout - they are overflowing just like many rescues.