What is Chewy's condition?

Chewy is an older guinea pig with heart disease. He has been experiencing heavier breathing on some days and a bit of weight loss, but still eats and drinks well. There's also a little bit of muscle atrophy over his shoulder blades. He has a pretty significant heart murmur, but his heart rhythm is regular and there are no abnormal lung sounds.

Dr. Jeff Greenfield
Hebron Animal Hospital

How effective is Chewy's medication?

According to the stethoscope examination, the diuretic seems to be doing its job. There are no significant changes in Chewy's chest radiographs, indicating that his heart and lungs are stable. His medications seem to be keeping things in check.

What did the X-rays reveal?

The X-rays did not show any significant changes from the last time. Chewy's heart is enlarged but there's no difference in size or shape from the previous images. His lungs have not become more cloudy and there are no fluffy spots indicating fluid buildup. The bladder has no issues and the appearance of the intestines is normal for a guinea pig.

What are the next steps for Chewy?

Chewy's medications will be slightly adjusted and he will continue with his normal routine. He will return for a check-up when he experiences trouble again or in a few months time.

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