When should I bring my dog to the vet if I suspect they are in pain?

If your dog's pain symptoms persist for more than 24 to 48 hours, it's a good idea to bring them in. This allows us to determine the cause of the pain and create a treatment plan.

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What are some signs and symptoms of pain in dogs?

Signs of pain in dogs include things like isolating or biting at the spot that's causing pain, aggression, not wanting to eat, or lethargy.

Are human pain pills like Tylenol or Advil okay to give a dog?

Definitely not. Over-the-counter human medications for pain are not safe for dogs. However, there are specific medications for dogs that we can prescribe at a vet office.

Can the veterinarian help manage my dog's chronic pain?

Absolutely. A vet can perform a physical exam to find the source of the pain and then recommend suitable treatment options.

Where is the best place to find pain medication for my dog?

The best place to get pain medication for your dog is a vet office, as human pharmacy options are not safe for dogs.

Are there any all-natural alternatives for pain medications?

There are supplements you can give as an addition to pain management medication, like conjortin and glucosamine. However, they should not replace prescribed pain management medication as they don't have proven efficacy like the drugs we use in veterinary practice.

What's the best method of giving medication to my dog?

You can use pill pockets or wrap the pill in a treat or cheese. Alternatively, you can pill a dog by opening their mouth and pushing the pill back into their throat, making them swallow it.

What could cause pain in dogs?

Pain in dogs can be caused by a variety of things, such as a tendon or ligament tear or rupture, fractures, or internal masses. We often see pain in the tendons, joints, and bones due to trauma-related injuries.

How would I know if I need to bring my dog to a vet for pain?

If your dog is restless, not wanting to eat, lethargic, hiding, or biting at a certain spot, these are indications to take them to a vet, especially if these symptoms persist for more than a day or two.

How will my veterinarian gauge whether my dog is in pain?

Your vet will perform a physical exam to find the source of the pain and prescribe the most appropriate medication for their condition.

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